Does 全球赌博十大网站 require that I 提交 any forms in addition to a Free Application for Federal 学生资助(FAFSA)?  

不,全球赌博十大网站没有针对学校的表格. 但是,全球网络赌博平台可能会要求您提交文件 来验证您提供的信息 FAFSA. See: 申请经济资助


全球网络赌博平台的代码是002866. 一定要写上时装技术学院的名字 全球网络赌博平台的地址是纽约西27街227号,邮编:纽约10001.


If you applied 申请经济援助 last year and meet certain conditions, the U.S. 部门 of Education will send you an electronic notification for a renewal FAFSA. You will be required, and if  you are a dependent student, your parent will also 需要使用 FSA ID.

A renewal FAFSA requests the same information that a regular FAFSA requires; however, the renewal contains most of the information you 提交ted on your application last year. You will be asked to update specific information required for the new school year.

如果你愿意,你可以开始一个新的FAFSA. 如需重新申请,你只须递交一份申请表 每学年. See: 申请经济资助


Newly admitted students who apply by the priority deadline of January 15 and 提交 all required documents should receive an email before May 1 containing financial aid 奖信息. 在1月15日截止日期前申请的在读/在读学生 and 提交 any requested documentation by June 1 should receive financial aid notification 7月1日前. 

NOTE: Prompt attention to requests for additional information will avoid delays in 处理你的经济援助. 按时申请并提交的学生 all required documentation by June 1 will be processed in time 申请经济援助 to 归功于他们的全球赌博十大网站声明.

我没有被学位课程录取. 我还能得到经济资助吗?

No, you must be in a degree program in good academic standing to be eligible for financial aid. Some alternative loans are available based on your credit or with a qualified 担保人.

I can't take twelve or more credit hours and will be a part-time student. 我可以申请吗? 申请经济援助?

Part-time students are eligible for limited forms of financial assistance. 学生 可以申请 佩尔助学金直接斯塔福德贷款,或援助 非全日制学习计划(APTS),仅限纽约州居民使用. 学生也有资格参加非全日制课程 通过申请援助TAP 利用程序.

I am a New York state resident, how can I apply for the 学费援助 Program (TAP)?

See: 国家拨款

I am a New York state resident, how can I apply for the Excelsior Scholarship?

See: 国家拨款

I know that I won't qualify for any financial aid, so why should I 提交 a Free Application 申请联邦学生资助? 

This assumption is a common mistake made by both students and parents. 如果你是 a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, and you're at least a half-time student in a degree program, you may be eligible for some type of aid regardless of your or your 父母的收入或资产.  


No, you should apply for aid as soon as possible by January 15; however, to receive 你的奖状表明你必须被学位课程录取.


是的,如果你想获得经济援助,你必须每年申请. FAFSA申请 will be available after October 1 for the following academic year, using the prior 纳税信息. 全球赌博十大网站优先考虑的截止日期为1月15日.

I've heard about scholarship money available nationwide that nobody claims. 如何 我明白了?

There are free scholarship 搜索es on the web and the public library is also an excellent 信息来源. 有可用的资金,但这需要一些研究 和工作. 小心那些收费的搜索公司. See:  奖学金


如果你是 receiving your first Direct 工作人员ord Loan at 全球赌博十大网站, you must complete an 入学辅导/面试环节. You can attend one of the group sessions provided by 财政援助服务 or you 可以在网上完成要求吗 StudentAid.gov / entrance-counseling /.  

如何 I apply for a Direct Parent Loan and how much am I eligible to borrow? 

See: 直系家长PLUS贷款

如何 I apply for a 毕业生加分贷款 and how much am I eligible to borrow?   

See: 毕业生加分贷款

根据我的奖状,我有资格申请联邦勤工俭学. 我怎么得到这个 money? 

The 联邦勤工俭学计划 提供校内和校外的就业机会. 财政援助服务 管理这些工作.  自2019年1月1日起,每小时收费为15美元.00 适用于校内和校外工作.


如果你是 expecting private loans and/or other financial aid to cover rent, books, and any other non-全球赌博十大网站 costs, please come to 全球赌博十大网站 prepared to pay for these items. 退款 checks will not be issued until the end of the first week of classes and then only 如果资金在你的账户里.  请注意TAP和APTS补助金的发放 本学期晚些时候.


符合佩尔资格的学生可能有资格 佩尔助学金 夏季资金. 咨询财政援助服务有关夏季佩尔或 其他可用援助 .  

我是一名国际学生. 我有资格获得经济援助吗?

如果你是 attending college on a student visa you do not qualify for federal or state aid; however, we recommend applying for outside or private scholarships, as well as 联系你的大使馆获取信息. Some 替代/私人贷款 都有合格的U.S. 担保人.

My mail has been going to the wrong address even though I changed it. 应该怎么 I do?

全球赌博十大网站, 司法常务官办公室 保存您的地址. 如果地址有任何变动,你必须和那个办公室联系.

For changes to your address on the FAFSA, if you have a FSA ID and your application 已经办理完毕,那么你可以在 FAFSA 网站. It is important that the college as well as all other aid agencies (部门 of Education, your lenders), have a valid address so you can be reached.